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Introducing “Perpetual Motion – A Cynical Jones Case”

Allow me to officially introduce my latest book, “Perpetual Motion – A Cynical Jones Case.” This mystery/thriller is now available exclusively to Amazon Kindle readers. In February, I plan on putting it out on all digital formats, such as Nook, Apple, etc.

Cynical Jones is private-investigator hired to find the supposed inventor of a perpetual motion machine. Needless to say, he’s skeptical. When the PI finds the young man cheating at roulette in Vegas, he’s not sure if he’s a clever conman or a brilliant, albeit desperate inventor. It doesn’t take long for a professional hit squad and the FBI to enter the picture, which makes Cynical consider the invention’s legitimacy…and the implications of a device that could actually be capable of producing free and abundant energy. If it is real, it will be up to a jaded ex-detective to protect an invention that could revolutionize the world.

Primarily set in Los Angeles, Perpetual Motion takes the reader around the high stakes roulette wheels in Vegas, into LA’s underground clubs, through the desert in a high speed car chase, and over the ocean in a private jet. Beneath the fast-paced story, there is an underlying message about confronting the environmental and energy challenges that face us all.

In her review, Trudie Barreras said, “There is a lot of delicious humor, fast action, sensitive characterization… Cynical Jones is a flawed but genuine human being, and the way the story plays out is, in my opinion, completely authentic.” (Thanks Trudie!) The Vine Reader for Amazon went on to say, “Most important, I absolutely agree with Jeff Fulmer’s perspective that the forces of greed and self-interest which provide the motivation for all the mayhem that occurs in the story are terrifyingly real.”

More information, including an excerpt and a trailer, can be found on the Perpetual Motion website. Perpetual Motion is priced at only $2.99 on Kindle. If you’re able to check it out, I’d love to know what you think too. Thanks for reading.

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